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My Top 5 Social Media Posts – February 2021

Let’s talk about social media posts, millions are created every day, yet very few get viral status. So, I’ve decided to create a monthly blog post about my favourite updates from the previous month. Including posts that have caught the attention of the nation and even the world. I will talk about the posts, hashtags and trends that I have enjoyed seeing the most and/ or that have got the nation talking on social media.

Have any social media posts caught your attention this month? Add a comment if they have!

My Favourite Viral Social Media Posts from February

Weetabix and Heinz

The unlikely combination Weetabix and Beans went viral at the beginning of February. This was such a simple Tweet and part of Weetabix’s social media strategy. As part of their social media strategy, Weetabix suggests various collaborations with popular brands to make your average morning Weetabix more exciting. This included Marmite, Innocent Smoothies, Maple Syrup, and various fruits. However, it was the interesting Heinz Baked Beans collaboration caught the attention of the nation.

The Tweet soon went viral and brands were desperate to be involved in the conversation. It got the nation talking and was covered on television talk shows and even news programmes. Supermarkets, Police, NHS, TikTok, Krispy Kreme, Warburton, all got involved and many were featured in the media coverage.

From a simple unpaid Tweet, Weetabix received over 100,000 likes, retweets and comments. Over 100 times their normal engagement!

McDonalds’ McDelivery

This was mainly offline, with adverts appearing on bus stops, train stations, around towns and along commutes. The stylish advert created by Leo Burnett featured half of the famous Golden Arches and no other branding, just “We Deliver”. This is so simple yet so clever as people instantly recognise McDonalds. Of course, not many brands can get away with using no branding but then, McDonalds is one of the most recognised brands in the World! The advert is aimed at reminding people that McDonalds deliver. It also started a conversation on social media about the power of McDonalds’ branding.

Walkers and KFC

It seems that lockdown is making brands get creative and experiment with different combinations. This time, the winning combination was KFC flavoured Walkers Crisps. Again, this created lots of engagement with conversations and retweets from people sharing their opinions. It is a great example of viral marketing with cross channel adverts appearing online and offline.

Framing Britney Spears Documentary and #FreeBritney

The Free Britney hashtag has been around for years amongst Britney Fans but it went viral around the world during February. This was following the Framing Britney Spears documentary, initially shown in USA. It seemed that everybody wanted to see the documentary and find out when it would be shown in the UK.

There was a massive build up and so much excitement. Everybody was talking about it across social media, online news, and talk shows. All of the coverage has definitely increased interest and raised awareness of the “Free Britney Movement”.

TikTok Sea Shanty

The Sea Shanty went viral in January but I’ve included it in my top February posts as it reached number 1 in the UK charts at the beginning of the month. This was down to the power of Social Media. It was hard to miss on social media with the TikTok TV advert airing regularly on TV as well. While the Sea Shanty climbed the charts, it featured in discussions on every UK talk show. This simple Sea Shanty got everyone talking, as well as creating fun and light-heartedness during the UK Lockdown.

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