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Creating the right social media content for your business

Social media marketing is such a valuable tool and social media accounts have become important marketing assets for all businesses. Social media accounts are free to use; so, for a minimal investment, you will see massive returns through attracting new customers and sales. Especially when you use the right social media content for your business.

You have access to millions of potential customers via your social media platforms. Therefore, all you have to do is post regular, engaging content and you will grow your network and customer base.

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What is the right social media content for your business?

The right content is important for your customers or potential customers to engage with you. More engagement from your customers means the ever-changing Facebook algorithm is therefore more likely to show your posts to more of your customers and potential customers.

So, to choose the right social media content for your business, think about your customer profile, who are your customers? What do your customers want to see? Do you know their interests?

You and your business are great starting points for the right social media content for you. After all, your customers like you, that’s why they’re your customers. Some updates about yourself, photographs of your hobbies, your family (if that’s one of your selling points), your pets and your work are all great to boost engagement.

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Using Trends on Twitter for Content

Have a look on the Twitter search to see what is trending. Are there any relevant trending subjects that you can post about?  Twitter shows you what people are talking about, on a local, national and international scale. These trends make great topics to post about, even better if they are related to what your business does. You can even post about them on your other social media accounts as people will likely be talking about these trends everywhere.

Images and Videos

Images and Videos are so important for content for your social media accounts. As they say, a photograph tells a thousand words, and obviously a video can show a lot more. Images are much more engaging than just text, they should be eye catching and make people stop scrolling and read your content.

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Once people stop scrolling past your content and read what you have to say, social media networks will show your posts to more people. When more people see your content, more people will go to your page and interact with your brand. Therefore you will start to see more of a return on investment from your social media accounts.

If you would like any advice on choosing the right social media content for your business, please get in touch for a chat!

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